5 old clothing pieces that are back in fashion in the summer of 2018

The spring and summer season 2018 will not be boring!! New but also well-known are taking care of the latest fashion combinations. In this post we present you 5 pieces that you are sure to have somewhere in your closet, but that are still considered to be top trends. Get inspired 🙂

  1. Floral prints

Floral prints are the absolute evergreen for every summer. They make your outfit look happier and more playful. You can combine them very well with contrasting colors as well as materials such as lacquer and leather.

  1. Wide pants / jersey 

Also in the spring and summer of 2018, loose trousers are going to be worn. Airy and comfortable – they are the perfect choice for hot summer days. These pants can be worn in different fabrics. Mostly we like to use cotton, satin, pleated or lace.


Exactly – jeans! 🙂 Jeans are always in! A perfect choice for interesting denim looks. Dresses, tops, pants, overalls .. the blue fabric is worn in almost any shape in spring / summer.

4.Midi skirts

The good old midi skirts are back IN and are one of the must-haves of the summer / spring season 2018. The midi skirt has a long fashion history as a symbol of femininity and is back this summer. The midi skirt radiate with a ladylike elegance and can be combined with fancy high heels but also colored flats.

  1. The white tank top

Definitely a fashion trend that we see in the summer of 2018. Fashion can be extravagant at times. Sometimes, however, surprisingly down-to-earth pieces like the white tank top make their way through. It’s a ”straightforward solution ”. Hardly any piece fulfills so many purposes and is as versatile as the tank top. We hope this post helped you dig up some old clothes and use them for new outfits 🙂

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