7 tips on how to be stylish without too much money

In this post we show you how you can be stlyish even on a small budget 🙂

1. A modern woman has to be able to take advantage of the wide range of online offers. There are websites such as Ebay, Amazon, Etsy but also other specialized online shops where you can go cheap shopping. Online prices are often much lower than in the store because of lower business costs. Special tip: try it in the store, buy it online.

2. Outfits combined with fancy jewelery are another way to get noticed. Smaller jewelry such as bracelets or necklaces don’t have to cost much, but can still spice up a simple outfit. Also, accessories like hats, caps and scarves can upgrade your style.

3. “ Flying fashion“ should not be a reason to spend money like crazy to always be in trend. Simple combinations from e.g. H & M, Zara, Asos or Forever 21 can help you create your own style.

4. Pay attention to your beauty! The right make-up and a new hairstyle can significantly polish your appearance. A new hairdresser or a conversation with your hairdresser about a new hair color is much cheaper than being a fashion slave.

5. A tailor? Why? Good tailors can make a stylish fashion piece out of everything! If you do not like your old jeans, your tailor can turn them into new pants that are not just a trend but also unique. An e.g. Maxi Skirt, which you do not wear often, can become a beautiful midi skirt that you can combine in thousands of ways.

6. Be aware that designer clothes does not make you fashionable! A 500 € shirt or 1000 € bag do not make you better and especially not more stylish.

7. Buying “have to have” clothes just to show others how much you spent is utter nonsense. Instead, look for things that you really like and that suit you. Only then will you have a genuine and authentic style.

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